Lab Members


Jan Ciborowski, PhD

Principal Investigator Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary

Dr. Jan Ciborowski received his PhD from the University of Alberta studying how the flow patterns in a river interact with aquatic invertebrate swimming and drifting behaviour to determine the organisms’ microdistribution. He broadened his research in aquatic ecology as a professor at the University of Windsor, developing interests in aquatic ecotoxicology and studying the role of benthic invertebrates in the transfer of contaminants from sediments into the food web. Working first in western Lake Erie and later in wetlands of the Great Lakes and the Alberta oil sands region, he has been interested in the effects of environmental disturbance on aquatic systems, especially how our use of the landscape affects vegetation, invertebrates & fishes, and the food web in wetlands and at river mouths.


Jeremy Hartsock​, PhD

Research Scientist / Post-Doc Fellow

My name is Jeremy Hartsock, I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Jan Ciborowski Lab. I am a boreal wetland ecologist, and my research interests center on examining plant community composition in peatlands and constructed wetlands on oil sands mine sites. In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors, running, and taking pictures of wildlife.

Mir Mustafizur Rahman, PhD

Research Scientist

I am a Geospatial Scientist, developing innovative geospatial solutions for understanding and monitoring the physical environment at different scales, whether within multi-faced and diverse urban settings or broader natural settings. Consequently, I am involved in a variety of multidisciplinary research projects in the field of ecological modeling, wetland and vegetation mapping, grassland mapping and plant phenology analysis, and Urban Planning and Urban Energy Budget. The ultimate goal of my research works is to continue working towards a flexible and holistic approach to the use of geospatial tools for large-area resource management. My current role in BWRAP involves supporting geospatial database development and remote sensing research activities within the scope of the project.


Brenten Vercruysse​

M.Sc. Student

I am Brenten Vercruysse. I am from Kingsville, Ontario, a small town on the western shores of Lake Erie. I began working on my master’s thesis project at the University of Calgary in September 2019. I enjoy spending time outdoors and recently picked up wildlife and landscape photography. I spent a lot of my previous summers around bodies of water and have always been drawn to aquatic ecology.


Ashlee Mombourquette​

M.Sc. Student

My name is Ashlee Mombourquette, I am a resident in Calgary, Alberta and I have recently graduated from the Environmental Science Degree Program at the University of Lethbridge. In my spare time I am often hiking, camping, fishing, and identifying flora and fauna along the way. When I am unable to make it out adventuring, I am learning to play the guitar or reading literature about peatlands and fungi.


Liam Mebesius​

M.Sc. Student

My name is Liam Mebesius. I am from Chilliwack, BC, and I just completed my third year of environmental science with a concentration in biological sciences at the University of Calgary. In my spare time, I enjoy going on hikes to practice my plant identification skills.


Steven Blair​

M.Sc. Student

My name is Steven Blair, I was born in Edmonton and moved to Calgary at the age of three. I have a degree in Geology, and I am continuing my education in biology at the University of Calgary. Some of my interests include sports whether playing or watching them, travelling to new and foreign places and hiking in the great outdoors.


Elizabeth Gillis​

Summer Assistant

My name is Elizabeth and I am from Calgary, Alberta. I am in my 4th year of my BSc in Ecology at U of C. When I’m not studying or working, I enjoy camping, hiking, canoeing, skiing, and any other outdoor experiences I have the opportunity to try.


Emily Moore​

Summer Assistant

My name is Emily Moore, I am a fourth-year environmental science student at the University of Calgary currently residing in Chestermere, AB. In my free time I love cycling, reading, and heading out to the mountains whenever I can!