An initiative towards reclaiming wetlands to promote environmental sustainability
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Up to 60% of the natural landscape of northeastern Alberta and 64% of the oil sands surface mineable area is dominated by a mosaic of wetlands and peatlands, reflecting hydrology, topography and successional processes operating since the last glaciation. Documenting the success of reclamation of wetland landscapes requires new scientific and technical expertise. Presently, there are no accepted methods of assessing wetland construction effectiveness or ‘functionality’ of a reclamation target. 


Key Facts

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About Us

Our Objectives

Identify the early successional patterns

 of wetland communities developing in reclaimed boreal landscapes

Document the environmental conditions

that determine alternative types (states) that may develop, and the reclamation prescriptions that best achieve desirable communities

Identify the landscape conditions

that promote wetland persistence and habitat quality

Identify environmental stress thresholds

and biological benchmarks of young wetlands that promote diverse, persistent, and resilient ecological communities

Create and share a comprehensive

open access and user friendly database of wetland systems in Canada

Detailed assessment methodology to measure the health and success of reclaimed wetlands where extraction disturbs the landscape.

It Takes a


Dr. Jan Ciborowski, Principal Investigator Professor, leads a team of scientists and students who investigate effects of environmental disturbance on aquatic systems

University of Calgary, Students

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About our


Our research projects include Developing a Wetland Geodatabase for the Oil Sands Region in Alberta, Characterizing Physical, Habitat and Biological Features of Different Types of Wetland and more.

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We are looking for enthusiastic, independent students to join our lab