Boreal Wetland Reclamation Assessment Program

A research Group within the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary, Led by Professor Jan Ciborowski

Our Mission

We work towards conservation and reclamation of wetlands across Canada to promote environmental sustainability

Our research focuses on developing innovative wetland assessment tools, models, and maps with a view to directing reclamation initiatives

Our Objectives

  • Identify the early successional patterns of wetland communities developing in reclaimed boreal landscapes

  • Document the environmental conditions that determine alternative types (states) that may develop, and the reclamation prescriptions that best achieve desirable communities

  • Identify the landscape conditions that promote wetland persistence and habitat quality

  • Identify environmental stress thresholds and biological benchmarks of young wetlands that promote diverse, persistent, and resilient ecological communities

  • Create and share a comprehensive, open access and user friendly database of wetland systems in Canada

Recent Updates

Professor Jan Ciborowski Received Federal Infrastructure Grant

November 18, 2020

Research Team ready for field visit

August 21, 2020

It is almost the end of the summer. Finally, we have been granted permission to visit the field. Thanks to everyone in the lab who have been patiently waiting. We plan to visit the field first week of September.